If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support, we're here to help.

How Can a Maternity Home Help Me?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need a safe place to call home, we are here for you. Our homes provide a firm foundation to give you time to think, dream, and plan. We provide the mental and physical support you need to build a better future for you and your baby. Learn


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What is a Maternity Home?

Everyone should have safe housing, especially if you are a pregnant woman carrying your child to term. Pregnancy can be a challenging and difficult time if you don’t have a home where you are respected and cared for. Maternity homes provide temporary housing where pregnant women feel supported, loved, and encouraged.  How Are Maternity Homes

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Love Them Both

 I have been working with a couple of maternity homes out here in California that, indeed, like my sign says “Love them both.” One is a home for women, each of whom  has chosen to place their child with a loving, adoptive family. (Yes, that’s Lamb of God!) The other takes in women also in

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Helping Our Kids

Yes, as the song below asserts, Moms matter. You betchya. And so do Dads. But this song is about our moms. And it’s beautiful. Matthew West sings a lot about every day people and every day life. I love his songs, and his messages. So simple, direct, and just beautiful.Watch the video I’ve shared below. Mr. West

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Choose love

“Imagine the impact that we individuals could make by a simple choice. Where once we had chosen not to love, we now choose to love.” – Mark Mossa, SJ I read this quote this morning on my very own Facebook account, in my Memories. I actually keep Facebook around at this point just to look

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Let Yourself Be Found

I’ve had more than one Bible scholar tell me that, in the Bible a mountain top moment means an encounter with God. Often God is visibly seen and heard in Old Testament accounts of these experiences. In the New Testament Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, is also often described as being on top

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He Will Fight For You

In today’s Old Testament reading, God tells Moses, as the Egyptians are bearing down upon the Israelites, “Fear not!” He goes on to tell this beleaguered leader that they just need to keep still. The Lord God will fight for them. And so He does! I love this passage in Scripture. It gives me such hope

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