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“When I stepped into the Lamb of God Maternity Home, I already knew I was leaning toward adoption, but I needed an environment to help me make the best decision. Free from the self-imposed expectations from living at my parents during this unplanned pregnancy, I was able to freely process the emotional ups and downs I experienced, and decided upon open adoption in a supportive and safe environment. Lamb of God is both a safe haven and a launching pad. During pregnancy I was able to focus on my health, baby’s health, and every decision involved with open adoption. After delivery, armed with the life skills learned at LoGMH, the structure of the program rubbed me in all the right ways. I was able to leave about a month postpartum, confident and focused on my future goals. For any woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, just know there is a third option. And, know there is an entire organization with countless resources devoted to your safety, healthy state of mind, dreams, and aspirations.”  ~Ora Et Labora~


​“Before coming to Lamb Of God Maternity Home, I was still in school finishing my 9th grade year. I heard about Lamb of God through an attorney, Colette Wilson, who my aunt contacted. We went down to San Diego to visit the home, when I first came to the home I was surprised at how it looked normal and peaceful on the outside. As soon as we went inside it felt like a safe environment,I got to meet Sarah, the Program Director and also two of the Birth moms and one of their couples. Sarah gave us a tour of the house and I felt really comfortable inside the home. I love living at Lamb of God, my favorite part of living in the home are the people I’ve met, they’re just amazing people who have accepted and supported me through everything I’ve gone through and made me feel right at home during my stay. I can definitely say that the people I’ve met, including my adoptive couple, are my family and I’m sad to be leaving the home. My future plan is to go back to high school and finish school, which Sarah has been helping me by calling my counselors and working with them. The three months I’ve been at the home have been nothing but pure happiness, I’ve had some low days here and there but just being at the home and having all the opportunities that I was given, I’m really thankful. I made friends who I’ll never forget, I got to know Sarah who is basically like an older sister to me, made an amazing relationship with my adoptive couple, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. This journey has definitely given me a lot of experience; most importantly it gave me a family. Thank you Lamb of God!” 


“I had been thinking about adoption for awhile considering I was so young & would be a single parent who could not financially or emotionally support a child. I wanted the best for my son & knew that I was not capable of giving that to him. My Dad scheduled for us to go to Lamb of God and when I got there I than realized that the home was adoption minded and I was so relieved that I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about adoption. I moved in a few days later & could not be more relieved. I was able to spend time with girls who were like minded. I was able to discuss my plans openly & plan my future. I picked from many profiles and settled on a couple who was a perfect fit not only for my son, but for me as well. The experience was amazing & I still credit Lamb of God to the smooth process. I am now able to go back to school & start work. I still see my son a few times a week and am comforted and blessed to see the beautiful relationship I have formed with the adoptive parents.”


“When I found out I was pregnant, I had just turned 22 and was battling alcoholism and depression. I had no hope for my future and considered having an abortion. It was a blessing from God that one of my friends told me about open adoption. It took a few days to make up my mind. I decided that I would place my baby for adoption and started working a program of recovery. I knew that I was not ready to parent, but became determined to be the best role model for my son. My dad kicked me out of the house for being pregnant and I had to trust that God had a plan for me. My mom heard a segment with Grace Dulaney on Catholic radio, and told me about the Lamb of God Maternity Home. I called and Sarah Saccone invited me for a visit. The quiet neighborhood and friendly people immediately brought on a sense of safety and peace. It felt like home.”“Living at the Lamb of God Maternity Home is an amazing gift. I am continuously shown love, encouragement, and support. I feel like my journey, my growth, and my true self is celebrated in the most beautiful way. I am proud to say my son, Brady Matthew, was born January 29, 2014. He is the greatest miracle to me. By choosing life for Brady, I was gifted with a life greater than I could have ever hoped for. I am realizing my true potential as a strong, radiant woman. My dream is to help other women find their strength and light as I pursue a career as a labor and birth doula. I would especially like to support other birth moms on their journey.”


​“Before coming into the maternity home I was in a toxic relationship with the father of the baby. When I chose open adoption for my baby it was to make the best decision for the baby. I remember reading an article in the paper about the Lamb of God maternity home months before I was pregnant. I made an appointment at Birth Choice in Oceanside, that’s where I got more information on the home and was able to contact Sarah right away. Sarah offered me a bed in the home right after meeting with her. They have provided the support that I will never get from the father. They have helped me break away from the unhealthy relationship and it has brought such a freedom to my life.Being here gives me the strength to be okay though this process, through all the love and stories of everyone in this home. The staff, including the house parents always makes sure we are fed and a family dinner is made for us every night. What a blessing it is to always have food in the fridge and to be able to sit down and eat a home cooked meal every night! Since I have been living here I have had car problems. The staff here have gone out of their way to help me get though it. They introduced me to a reliable mechanic who comes right to the house, have used their personal AAA to get my car towed, and have given rides when needed. We are treated like family here. They have shown me what love is. I am so blessed to be living here in this home during this life changing decision. I know this is a decision I will never regret. I believe if it weren’t for the Lamb of God home I would not have had the strength to carry out this decision. And because of this ministry I was able to choose life.”

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