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Helping Our Kids

Yes, as the song below asserts, Moms matter. You betchya. And so do Dads. But this song is about our moms. And it’s beautiful. Matthew West sings a lot about every day people and every day life. I love his songs, and his messages. So simple, direct, and just beautiful.
Watch the video I’ve shared below. Mr. West makes a great point about the vital influence moms have on their children. In this case, it’s all blessedly positive, though we can agree that’s not always the case.
From my Christian perspective, and just my living a life as a female for almost 60 years and as a mother, families need to love and support all children. Yes, teens are still children, especially middle schoolers. Moms and Dads need to remember that love does not always mean a “yes” to our children’s wants or demands. A “not now, child” response, followed by helping our children to get through tough periods in their young lives and its many challenges, is a great way to support our offspring. Our job is to let them grow up. And sometimes we can’t fix the problems, but we can always listen and we can always love.
I hope we can all agree that children need responsible adults to support them through times of struggle. But we won’t always be able to ‘kiss is and make it better.’ We can, though, be examples of unconditional love and compassion.
We can’t allow our culture or others to sideline loving parents and their very crucial role in the healthy development of children. I maintain along with many others, that families are foundational to American life. They are foundational to anyone’s life. Parents can and, I think, should help their children figure out who they are becoming. Gentle guidance, giving options, showing patience, being examples of patience and forgiveness, all these things help our little ones as they grow up. 
If you read me with any regularity my conclusion will not surprise you. God is conspicuously missing from too many families and from the lives of too many people. Praying for our kids is essential, too. Please watch and listen with open minds and hearts. God is where our hope comes from. Our children need to know that. Every human needs to know. Let us pray.

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