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He Will Fight For You

In today’s Old Testament reading, God tells Moses, as the Egyptians are bearing down upon the Israelites, “Fear not!” He goes on to tell this beleaguered leader that they just need to keep still. The Lord God will fight for them. And so He does!

I love this passage in Scripture. It gives me such hope and is a perfect reminder that God is in control even when it seems like all is lost or nothing makes sense. We must continue to trust and believe. That’s where our hope comes from. Trusting and believing that God, who never once stops thinking about any of us, has a Plan. 

That Divine Plan is not something we will ever truly understand this side of Heaven. And that’s OK. If we did, who would need faith? If we were all “in” on the plan, what would be the advantage in that for us? I know a guy who always reads the last couple of pages of a novel when he first gets it. He wants to know how the story ends. It drives me crazy, as a writer. But I understand the temptation. We all want to know how the story ends, right?

Well, the thing is, for those of faith in our Creator God, Lord of all, we know how it ends. Love has already won. Jesus on the Cross, dying for our sakes, sinners one and all, that’s the Victory! Everything from His Resurrection on is not the “rest of the story.” It’s the climax of it, for sure. But the love of Jesus remains, the Peace of Jesus remains, the Truth of Jesus, the Life of Jesus, remains with us. The Holy Spirit is with us, dwelling within. Yes, you temple of the Holy Spirit you! As believers in the Risen Lord, we have the Victory Jesus gained for us. Jesus, the Way, goes before us to make a place for us in His Father’s House

So, we don’t have to know every detail of how this Plan works itself out. We just have to cling to the faith and trust we have in a God who never fails us, a God who will not abandon us, in a God who fights for us. And for this reason, even when things seem upside down, we can follow St. Paul’s wisdom: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Godyoutu.be/s-410S9wP0s.” Yes, in thanksgiving, because we know that God has redeemed us, rescued us. God fights for us still, but it’s not a question about who will win the  battle between good and evil. God’s got this. He always has. And He always will. 

Remember that God is with us. Be still and know that He is God. Everything else is secondary. 

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